4 3/8 ct Natural Multi-Stone Butterfly Pendant Necklace with Diamond in Sterling Silver & 14K Gold

4 3/8 ct Natural Multi-Stone Butterfly Pendant Necklace with Diamond in Sterling Silver & 14K Gold
green diamond
4 3/8 ct Natural Multi-Stone Butterfly Pendant Necklace with Diamond in Sterling Silver & 14K Gold
This adorable butterfly pendant is artistically crafted with an explosion of spring gem color, adorned with peridot, citrine, blue topaz and amethyst totaling 4 3/8 ct. Completing the butterfly, 14K gold antenna and a sparkling diamond accent in a setting of sterling silver. Piece measures 3/4 by 1 1/8 inches. Comes with a sterling silver 18-inch rope chain.

  • 4 3/8 ct Multi-Stone Wings
  • 14K Gold Antenna with Diamond
  • Crafted in Sterling Silver
  • Measures 3/4 x 1 1/8 Inches

4 3/8 ct Natural Multi-Stone Butterfly Pendant Necklace with Diamond in Sterling Silver & 14K Gold
$ 299.00
$ 99.00

Bamos Jewelry Halloween Lifelike Womens Red Ruby 6 Claws And 4 Skulls Black Gold Wedding Rings Size 5-10

Bamos Jewelry Halloween Lifelike Womens Red Ruby 6 Claws And 4 Skulls Black Gold Wedding Rings Size 5-10
black diamond
Bamos Jewelry Halloween Lifelike Womens Red Ruby 6 Claws And 4 Skulls Black Gold Wedding Rings Size 5-10
Welcome to Bamos Jewelry!!
We have our own factory production of gold and silver jewelry.
we produce this kind of jewelry has a lot of colors and sizes to choose.
until you find yourself right.
Q & A

1.What should I do if the ring size is not suit for me?

We are very sorry for it. we have a professional measuring ring size.

sometimes because of the size of China and the United States error.

it is not good for you. you can speak to us this problem.

we can and you negotiated settlement.

2.Taking into account that this is not an economical way to return to China.

we want to re-send you a better price more appropriate size ring.

we will pay the freight for you. do not worry.

If you have a better solution. please feel free to contact us.

we will try best to solve your problem.

you are most satisfied with the way.

3.About Gold Filled

Gold Filled Jewelry is a solid layer of quality gold heat bonded onto an internal semi-precious metals by advanced mechanical process.

It has all the great characteristics of solid gold Jewelry.

It is extermely long lasting and if taken care of will last you a lifetime.

Please research Gold Filled Jewelry on the internet to find out more information about this great new product.

Do not compare gold filled jewelry to plated jewelry as there is no comparison.

  • Halloween Thanks Giving Day Red Ruby Six Claws And Four skull Black Gold Ring is guaranteed never to tarnish or fade JUST LIKE TRUE LOVE
  • A strong and powerful Black Gold ring,this is the perfect wedding band to symbolize your love
  • Women’s Engagement wedding ring Black Rhodium Plated Artisan handcrafted jewelry.Occasion:wedding,engagement,anniversary,birthday,party,daily life or send present to friends,families classmates or colleagues;
  • Package included:1 Red Ruby Black Gold Rings+1 Free Gift Box.And Please Click “Bamos Jewelry” For More Fashion Styles
  • One free beautiful packaged marked with Bamos;Note: Due To The Difference Between Different Monitors, The Picture May Not Reflect The Actual Color Of The Item. We Guarantee The Style Is The Same As Shown In The Pictures

Bamos Jewelry Halloween Lifelike Womens Red Ruby 6 Claws And 4 Skulls Black Gold Wedding Rings Size 5-10
$ 99.99
$ 99.99

Top Tips For Jewelry

The beauty that some jewelry pieces possess is matched by the simple, elegant brilliance of the entire concept of jewelry itself. Traditionally, jewelry has been used to mark important occasions and celebrate treasured relationships between people. Learning about jewelry can aid you in preserving it for a longer time.

Take a magnet and a keen eye with you when you head out to purchase any jewelry made from sterling silver. When you do this, you become able to find fake pieces of any type of sterling jewelry. You can use the magnet because non-precious metals actually are attracted by magnets. You can recognize sterling silver by stamps that say ‘.925’ or ‘ster’. If you don’t see a stamp of any sort on a piece, then be wary of whether it is actually silver or not.

Good jewelry will last a lifetime. It is important to invest in a quality piece of jewelry, so only work with respected and reputable jewelers. High-quality jewelry can be told by its superior craftsmanship and good manufacture. Ask the jeweler about the history behind the piece and learn more about who made it, as well as the origin of the materials. You need to buy quality jewelry so that you can pass it down as an heirloom.

If you are wanting to collect costume jewelry, you should ensure you are aware of its condition. Costume jewelery pieces can be expensive but they are not worth the investment if they look too old. A piece in good condition will be much more resourceful to you in the future.

You could wear it for a day to make sure it is not uncomfortable. You will be able to tell if it will hold up to wear and tear.

Do some research on the best way to clean your particular piece of jewelry. Each type of stone, metal, and setting requires different type of care. The best way to care for a particular piece of jewelry could be harmful to a different piece. It’s best to speak with a jeweler before you attempt to care of an unfamiliar piece of jewelry.

Costume jewelry has different, specific care requirements. A fair amount of costume pieces are set with glue. Never immerse your costume jewelry or use harsh chemicals on it. For best results, use a warmed, damp cloth to wipe your jewelry and then use another cloth to dry it. This will keep any costume jewelry that you have looking great.

This will accent the belt, and will add a lot of visual interest. Pin it near your hip or your waist’s center.

Investigate your gemstone to determine if it has been treated before you purchase it, and what type of treatment it had. Different treatments come with different requirements for cleaning and storage. Knowing the proper care techniques for your gemstone will prevent you from accidentally damaging it by stripping it of its protective treatment.

To invest in jewelry is to invest in a memory, and that is a truly priceless pursuit. Whether your jewelry symbolizes happiness from the past or hopes for great times in the future, every piece of jewelry is linked to human emotion.

(0.20ct) 14k White Gold Diamond Olive Vine Leaf Drop Earrings

(0.20ct) 14k White Gold Diamond Olive Vine Leaf Drop Earrings
olive diamond
(0.20ct) 14k White Gold Diamond Olive Vine Leaf Drop Earrings
Style Number – AD1824
For the nature lover who also appreciates a little bling, these olive vine drop earrings could make an ideal gift.

Set in 14k white gold, each leaf features two accent diamonds. The 20 total diamonds are 0.20ct in weight, and are SI1-SI2 clarity and G-H color.

Matching ring and necklace also available.

  • Free insured shipping with every order
  • Free one year warranty and easy 30-day return policy
  • Allurez jewelry comes packaged in an attractive jewelry box or pouch
  • Allurez works with trusted diamond and jewelry suppliers for untreated, conflict-free, and natural gemstones
  • Made in the USA

(0.20ct) 14k White Gold Diamond Olive Vine Leaf Drop Earrings

Get The Most Out Of Your Jewelry

Would you like to compliment your outfit with a beautiful piece of jewelry? Or perhaps you desire purchasing a gift for your friend? Either way, use these tips to get started.

Use a polishing cloth to keep your jewelry clean and free from damage. This helps keep your jewelry shiny without the need for chemical cleansers, which can damage the pieces. Use this two-sided cloth on your jewelry as though you were cleaning glass. One side is designed to polish, and the other is used to make the piece shine.

For example, you should never use bleach, turpentine, or ammonia on your jewelry. This will result in damage to both the stones and the metal of the piece.

When storing your jewelry, be sure that you store it in a place with low humidity and free of open air. Keep your jewelry in a drawstring bag or in a box that is made for jewelry. All metals will tarnish if they are subjected to too much air and humidity. Precious metals can often be polished to remove most tarnish. Non-precious metals often have a single coat of metal. Therefore, polishing them can remove the coat and show the copper that is found underneath.

Jewelry should be a purchase that truly lasts a lifetime. Don’t buy jewelry from less than reputable stockists if you expect your pieces to be of the highest quality. Any piece that is high quality will have its craftsmanship and quality shining through. The jeweler must be able to provide a history of the piece. This will tell you who made the piece, and where the components came from. This way, you can ensure you are paying a fair price. When you chose a high-quality piece, you know your jewelry will last forever.

Keep your jewelry from getting tarnished to preserve its best appearance. Jewelry should not be worn near the water. Water can cause some metals to lose their luster or to become tarnished or rusty. A single coat of transparent nail polish may help protect certain types of metal.

If you like to collect costume jewelry pieces, become very choosy about each piece’s condition. While normally is a beautiful investment, a piece of costume jewelry that is in poor condition is not worth buying. A good piece will give you many years of happiness and even gain value over time.

You should carefully consider how to best care for your jewelry. Different metals, stones, and settings have different needs to ensure proper maintenance. Something that may help one piece of jewelry might hurt another one. Your jeweler can give you instructions on proper handling if you are not sure.

Many people find it hard to shop for unique individuals. The trick is picking something unique for them, maybe something made just for them. This will express the time you spent to get their gift just right, just the kind of sentiment you want to show your special friends.

Since you have gained a little bit more understanding about jewelry, you should have more faith in your ability to choose gemstones, diamonds, beads and shiny precious metals. Buying a jewelry item that is heir-loom quality is a traditional move that will bring you enjoyment years down the road.

From Wedding Bands To Ear Cuffs, Read About Jewelry Here

No matter why you are buying your jewelry, whether for yourself or as a gift, it is important to know the proper way to care for jewelry as well as buy and sell it responsibly. You can make sure that the time and money you devote to your jewelry does not go to waste by reading this article’s tips.

Keep jewelry stored safely and away from both air and humidity. Some good examples of proper storage would be,a jewelry box that is closed, or a small draw string bag. When non-precious and precious metals are expose to air and humidity, they tend to tarnish. Precious metal jewelry can be polished to fix tarnish, but non-precious metals coated with a finish will never get back to their previous state.

When purchasing jewels, you should understand which type of stone you are getting. There are three unique types of stones: imitation, synthetic and natural. Imitation gems are basically plastic that is colored, while synthetic and natural are real. Natural gems are dug up from the ground, and synthetic gems are man-made in a lab.

Every piece of jewelry should last you a life-time. Always purchase pieces from reputable jewelers in order to make sure you are getting quality pieces. The best jewelry is well-designed and well-made with close attention to detail. The jeweler will be able to provide a complete history of the piece of jewelry, including who made it, and exactly where the stones originated. Take your time when selecting a high-quality piece if you want it to last you for a long time.

When shopping for diamonds, it’s best to comparison shop. Closely examine pieces you like, and compare them with similar items you are interested in. Some diamond sellers use misleading practices to try to increase the apparent quality of their merchandise, so you should be wary of these tactics.

If you own costume jewelry, it is important to properly care for it. Costume jewelry make good investments and they can be costly, but an item that shows major signs of usage will be a poor investment of your time and money. Costume pieces kept in great condition will enhance your collection much more over time.

Put on the jewelry to see if it hangs correctly, then wear it for a few hours to test the comfort. In this way, you will be able to tell if the item will withstand normal wear.

Costume jewelry needs special care. A fair amount of costume pieces are set with glue. Keep your costume jewelery away from water or chemicals. The most effective way to safely clean them is wiping with a damp cloth, then drying with a different, soft cloth. This will clean off any residue and make it look like new, without damaging it.

If you care for your jewelry well, it will be worth a fortune, in both in the sentimental and economic senses. Learn the proper ways to clean and store your jewelry. Educate yourself with the information available about caring for your jewelry and you will enjoy it for many years.